From sandpaper, belts and discs to surface conditioning products, and more!

Achieving the right finish is essential for any task, which is why we present an extensive array of quality abrasive products. Everything from Cut Off Wheels and fine Surface Conditioning Products to versatile Hand Pads, Belts, Discs, Rolls, and Sheets.

Whether you’re shaping, smoothing, or finishing a surface, our comprehensive range of abrasives is up to the task. Explore our variety, including Cut Off Wheels, Surface Conditioning Products, and specialized Non-Woven and Coated options, all designed to deliver the right finish for your project.

Cut off Wheels

Maximize Your Cutting Efficiency: Durable Cut Off Wheels for Industrial and DIY Projects

Quick-Lock Discs

Refine Your Surfaces: Quality Conditioning Products for Smooth and Consistent Finishes

Hand Pads

Enhance Your Manual Finishing: Reliable Hand Pads for Effective Surface Preparation and Cleaning


Streamline Your Sanding: Long-Lasting Belts for Uniform and Efficient Material Removal

Flap Discs

Optimize Your Grinding: Versatile Discs for Precise and Quick Material Elimination


Cover More Ground: Extensive Rolls for Continuous and Convenient Abrasive Action

Sheets & Rolls

Tailor Your Abrasion: Flexible Sheets for Precise, Hand-Directed Surface Finishing


Gentle Yet Effective: Non-Woven Abrasives for a Smooth Finish on Delicate Surfaces


Cartridge rolls, square and cross pads, no-lap spiral bands, and more.