Cutting Tools

Our inventory includes products for machining, drilling, cutting and threading

Efficient Cutting is Key to Successful Project. which is why we offer a wide selection of quality cutting tools for your next project.

Find the Ideal Tool for Every Task: Our diverse offerings include Drill Bits for precision holes, Taps and Dies for perfect threading, robust End Mills and Reamers for fine milling, along with specialized tools like Counterbores, Countersinks, and Screw Extractors. For tougher materials, explore our Concrete & Masonry options, and for cutting, our range of Blades, Bands, and Burrs.

Drill Bits

Explore our variety of Drill Bits, designed for clean and precise holes in multiple materials.


Consistent Threading Made Easy: Choose from our range of Taps for reliable threading in your projects.

End Mills

Streamline Your Milling Process: Our End Mills are chosen for their smooth cutting and shaping abilities.


Enhance Hole Quality: Our Reamers are ideal for refining hole sizes and improving finish.


Effective Surface Preparation: Our Counterbores help in creating recesses and preparing surfaces with ease.


Smooth Finish for Fasteners: Our Countersinks are designed to provide a tapered finish ideal for screws.

Screw Extractors

Remove Tough Screws Effortlessly: Our Screw Extractors are selected for their strength and ease of use.

Band Saws

Durable Cutting Solutions: Our Bands offer long-lasting cutting efficiency for extensive use.