Our inventory includes A variety of lubricants, degreasers, sealants, adhesives, and more!

We provide a range of chemicals for various industrial and commercial applications.

From lubricants and adhesives to specialized sealants and cleaners, our curated selection meets a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial needs. We are here to help provide the right chemical solution for your application.

Anti Seize/Lubricant Products

Specialized lubricants that provide protection and extend the life of metal surfaces and threaded fasteners. They are designed to prevent galling, corrosion, and seizure, making them ideal for use in high-temperature, corrosive, or heavy-load applications.

Anaerobic Threadlockers

High-performance adhesives designed for locking and sealing threaded fasteners. These specialty chemicals bond to metal surfaces, effectively preventing loosening due to vibration or shock. Whether you need to secure critical fasteners in automotive, industrial, or electronic applications, our anaerobic threadlockers are a reliable and effective solution.

Sealants & Retaining Compounds

Multi-purpose adhesives designed to seal and secure mechanical assemblies. Whether you need to seal and secure assemblies or prevent leaks and contaminants from entering sensitive components, these specialty chemicals are ideal for bonding and sealing metal, plastic, and composite surfaces in automotive, industrial, or electronic applications.

Instant Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

Fast-curing, high-strength adhesives designed for bonding a wide range of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, and composites. These adhesives provide an instant, permanent bond, making them ideal for use in fast-paced assembly operations, repairs, and bonding applications.


Two-part adhesives that provide a strong, durable bond for a wide range of materials, including metal, plastic, wood, and composites. These adhesives cure to form a tough, rigid bond that can withstand high stress and heavy loads. Whether you need to make repairs, fill gaps, or bond large assemblies, Apoxies provide a strong, durable, and reliable solution.

Silicone Sealants

High-performance adhesives designed for sealing and bonding a variety of surfaces in automotive, industrial, and construction applications. These sealants cure to form a flexible, durable bond that can withstand extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and harsh weather conditions. Our Silicone Sealants are available in different colors and cure times to meet your needs.

Cleaner/Degreaser Aerosols

Fast-acting cleaners designed to remove grease, grime, oil, and other contaminants from a variety of surfaces in automotive, industrial, and household applications. These aerosol cleaners are formulated with advanced solvents that dissolve stubborn dirt and grime, leaving surfaces clean and refreshed.

Lubricant Aerosols

High-quality, multi-purpose sprays that provide quick and efficient lubrication to a variety of surfaces and mechanisms. These aerosols are designed to improve performance, reduce friction, and prevent wear and tear on mechanical parts. They are easy to use, with a precision spray nozzle that allows for targeted application and wide-spread coverage.